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Borri Power Equipment


Borri Group is a global provider of power electronics and solutions for harsh industrial and demanding commercial and ICT power requirements merging eighty years of experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying uninterruptible power systems and solutions.

Based in Italy with over 20,000 sq. meters of production area and a large high power test field, Borri can depend on its experience and multidisciplinary research and development to serve its customer best.

Borri operates in all the five continents with subsidiaries in Cananda, USA, UAE, India and Malaysia and a distributor network able to support its customers on-site.

Borri has been making progressive growth in sales and profits and investing highly into R&D as well as in local support & services organizations in many countries around the world strengthening its international position.



Low TCO, efficient and compact solution for supplying reliable uninterrupted quality power to all critical applications in networking and small to medium data center, health, finance, industrial processing, building and transportation markets and for TLC.

For Small and Medium Data Centers, Network Servers, Industrial Controls and Process automation and Medical Equipment


The new generation UPSaver 3vo is a Hi-Power Modular UPS for data centers providing the highest overall reliability and availability of any technology in the market. It is designed to adapt to the critical and changing data center demands. With state-of-the-art components and design, we have produced one of the most compact high efficiency 333kW module which can be scaled up to a 2.67 MW single UPS or paralleled up to 21 MW for higher power.


Three-phase output Uninterruptible Power Supplies for heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, safety and emergency systems, process control devices and machine tooling, critical infrastructures, medical equipment, data center monolithic power protection.
Rugged Design – Paralleled solutions upto 4.8MV – Optimized system configuration for ICT – Customization for specific process applications.