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All-Flash Data Center

House Your Data in a Faster, Greener, and More Reliable Environment....

OceanStor Storage Products

OceanStor All-Flash Storage

OceanStor Dorado series all-flash storage provide a wide range of mission-critical products for many different businesses, regardless of their industry, scale, or scenarios — accelerating digital transformation.

OceanStor Hybrid Flash Storage

Featuring flash, SAN and NAS, resource pool, and multi-DC convergence, combined with million-level IOPS and millisecond latency, OceanStor Hybrid Flash Storage easily handles the demanding performance and reliability requirements of enterprises’ mission-critical services.

OceanStor Mass Data Storage

Huawei OceanStor mass data storage is a distributed storage system — purpose-designed for mass data scenarios — that offers diversified storage services for a range of applications.